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Starts as a pet project...

…and hopefully this will turn out to be something bigger.

We are probably on today’s scale a rather large family.  We have 5 children and one dog.  Our oldest is 22 years old now and our youngest is 8 years old.  As any typical family, we go through our share of goods and bads and of course, through five children, we experience a lot of illnesses.

Our youngest daughter has had migraines for a few years now, and as parents, we are constantly trying to figure out if there are any factors contributing to a migraine attack.  We’ve tried a lot, taken out certain foods (sugars, gluten, milk and more), tried to encourage a healthy lifestyle, minimize device usage for certain periods and more and more.

Myself, I have had arthritis and psoriasis since I was a kid, so that will be a side project to what we are about to start with here.

In today’s world, we have technology everywhere around us.  So why not make the most of it?  We can measure our heart rate all day long, our sleep, log how we feel, log what we eat and more.  So this is our pet project.  Log down what we can and see where that leads us.  Analyze the data, see if we can spot any patterns and let technology assist us.

We, the parents, are both software specialists.  Our background is more in the backend area (ERP systems, databases, project management and more), so this will be a fun challenge.  

Hopefully we will post regularly and stick to the project… otherwise, this was just a fun bump in the road.

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