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Deciding on a framework for at least the backend is a difficult choice.  There are a lot of possibilities, but since most of my experience is in the Microsoft world, I decided to give ASP.NET a chance and ASP.NET Core sounded like a good choice, it’s new and it’s cross-platform.  So at least I will start with that, it’s not to say that cannot change if I realize later that there may be better alternatives out there that fit my experience.

Learning portal - LinkedIn

I have used PluralSight in the past with good success.  However, I decided this time to give LinkedIn Learning a chance.  I did some browsing on courses on some of the popular learning platforms and in my opinion many of the courses I wanted to learn were most up to date on LinkedIn Learning.

FrontEnd - Angular

I guess I will try to stay away from the front end as much as possible, but the few things I will do, I want to get to know Angular.  So I  will at least study some Angular, maybe I will give up on it…. hopefully not though.

Database (backend)

SQL Server all the way if that is possible.  I have quite some experience on SQL Server and it’s quite in my comfort zone, so I will use that if possible.  I realize that if we go into some app development, that will probably not be the case, but as for the backend, no question about it.

Health (activity) watch

I have used Garmin Forerunner 235 for around 3 years and am quite happy with it.  However, when I started to see if I could get an API access to it, it costs USD 5000 for a full access and for an access to the Health API (which is free) I did try to apply, but didn’t get a reply after 2 weeks from applying.  So I decided to ditch my Forerunner and go for FitBit instead.  They seem to have a better API publicly available, so we bought 2 FitBit Versa watches and we will use that for myself and my daughter for our initial data gathering.

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